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My inspirations, creations, research in the different textile arts.

Designer sale

On October 13th I participate in a designer sale / cuttings’ swap / presentation of Maison Margaret at Romanemone in Feyssac in Tarn (south of France) I’m working hard to be ready!


The summer vest. Schnee model by Suvi Simola on Ravelry, knitted in Phil Coton 4 squirrel by Phildar.

sewing, embroidery, etc.

During the holidays I tried to tidy up my workspace to try to start on a good basis. I haven’t done much with my 10 fingers, and I’ve only finished one of my summer projects. An outstanding bag in the style of those of Coco Knits, with an avocado-dyed tea towel, embroidered and hand-sewn with […]


Zimbo rests for a week. Shipments will resume on August 26.


I had the joy, the pleasure and the honor of making a tutorial for the first issue of the Mini * Mini review from Monkoko / Les Zigouis editions. This is the “Chou” sweater for the Pluminis or Paola Reina dolls. You can get the magazine HERE and discover the wonderful photos of Barbara Berrada, […]

Makerist interview

On the Makerist blog you can find tutorials, advice, etc. in sewing, knitting and crochet, but also interviews with enterprising designers. Here is my contribution: “Peggy is the passionate and very talented creator of the crochet pattern of the [Z *] by Zimbo brand. Her poetic and playful universe fascinates us: enter her universe! Hello […]

At Ktl’s

One of my embroidery ordered by Ktl and beautifully highlighted on its flowered wall!Do not hesitate to share your staging of Z * by Zimbo products or your achievements according to the pattern !

Comme chez mémé

The “Comme chez Mémé” store, 3 rue des Chaussetiers in Clermont-Ferrand, is featured on the Dis oui Ninon blog. You can find a selection of my creations there.

Couture & DIY

Ice-cream brooches featured in issue 1 of Couture & DIY magazine


You can find Sunday, December 14, the Space oddity mobile, which I made for the Christmas charity sale, organized for the benefit of the Ninoo association. For more information, and to consult the catalog of the sale, go to