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On the Makerist blog you can find tutorials, advice, etc. in sewing, knitting and crochet, but also interviews with enterprising designers.

Here is my contribution:

“Peggy is the passionate and very talented creator of the crochet pattern of the [Z *] by Zimbo brand. Her poetic and playful universe fascinates us: enter her universe!

Hello Peggy, thank you for accepting our interview! First, could you introduce yourself and tell us about your background outside and in the world of crochet? How did you come to make and sell your own models?
Hello, I’m the designer behind the brand [Z *] by Zimbo. I have been knitting, crocheting or sewing since the arrival of my first son. I was tweaking a few things already small thanks to my mother who knits and sews and my grandmother, a professional seamstress. But it was really with the arrival of my children that it became addictive. I learned the basics from my mom or girlfriends, and got better by watching videos on Youtube. What was originally a hobby became essential for me and in 2014 I took an availability with my employer to start my own business and try to live by my passion.

Is the creation of patterns your main activity?
Not only. I am a craftsman, textile designer, and I sell my creations, accessories and decorations online via my shop and also on deposit in various shops. The patterns came later and are a side activity. I offered amigurumis for sale, and at the same time I saw DIY fashion gaining momentum, many people on social networks asked me if there were patterns to be able to make my creations, etc. So I crossed the line.

How do you organize yourself to make a tutorial or a pattern?
I always start with a sketch and then try to visualize in 3D what forms the character is made of. Then I choose the colors, very important for me, I take my crochet hook, my cotton (always cotton) and I start. I always have a draft on which I write down my hieroglyphs as I go. It is often illegible, I mix the terms English and French, English is simpler for abbreviations and French for descriptions. Once finished, I put all this back to my own and I pass my notes to testers (I launch a call on Instagram in general), beginners or confirmed on crochet, which allows me to see the difficulties, inconsistencies, etc. of the pattern and to be able to adapt it, rework it if necessary. Once everything is ready, I translate it into English, take the photos and format it. Finally I publish it online in my shop, on Makerist, etc.

How do you organize your time between the creation of patterns and the adjoining tasks related to the management of a small structure (communication, accounting, customer relations, blog, social networks …)?
I have a system of organization thanks to my bullet journal where I know what I have to do every month, every week and then every day. I start my day with everything that is management: emails, website, social networks, administrative letters, etc. and all the rest of the day is divided between the creation / realization and the management of family life.

What are the tasks that challenge you the most? Do you have any help?
Try to do original things that you don’t find everywhere! It’s getting harder and harder with the Internet and social media, everyone is spying on and copying themselves. It is sometimes discouraging, especially when it is the “big” against the “small” creators. The best help at this level is to believe in yourself, and also family, friends, loyal customers who know you, help you and reassure you.

Where do you get inspiration for your creations?
For my characters, above all children’s literature, manga, in short illustration in general and Japan in particular. But also from nature, I like animals that are a bit strange and I try to reproduce them or take only a detail.

What is your favorite aspect of your creative activity?
Achieve what I imagined and see the different interpretations of my bosses in others.

Do you have any advice for someone like you who would like to get started? Resources that inspire you, that have helped you (books, blogs, personalities, etc.)
Master the techniques well, don’t be afraid to start all over again, to undo, in short to take time, and above all to be original! There’s no point in copying, you have to create. I spend a lot of time on the Internet verifying that what I imagine does not already exist. It’s long, but it’s important, it also allows you to stand out and be noticed

And finally, what are your upcoming projects?
I have a few prototypes under my elbow and sketches awaiting completion. But I would like to manage to bring them together in a book or an ebook, there is a kind of common thread between all these models. But among my other creations, the time it takes to make a model, find publishers, etc. it takes a lot of time. “

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